EARLY TYPE© was created with the aim of preserving the legacy of classic vehicles, through brokerage and restoration. It is the result of over two decades of experience, personal interest and aims to be more than just an exchange arena but also a platform for sharing experiences and passion.
Our transparent approach is the foundation of our business. We offer sales brokerage of vehicles entrusted to us by our clients. We advise on the purchase of the classic vehicle you are searching for and provide service on inspection, valuation and acquisition on behalf of our clients.

* Although it is really appreciated all of the requests, we do not perform restorations for our clients, due to the various ongoing restoration projects that we have, some of which will be available for sale once completed.

In all our classic cars we use MILLERS Classic Car Oils, and if water cooled, we make the conversion to EVANS water-less engine coolants. If you wish to buy or make this conversion to your classic car, please contact us, we are authorized stockists.

January 2022 marks our 10th anniversary. It has been a wonderful experience and journey, a pleasure to meet our esteemed clients, many of whom have became good friends. It was a decade of interesting adventures, many trips and events, and most importantly what joins us all, the amazing classic cars that found new caretakers that will enjoy and preserve them for many good years and generations.

We wish for another great 10 more years of saving more classic cars with great restorations.

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